Lori's work is sensual and emotional, inspired by natural imagery (human, land, sea). Her wheel-thrown and altered pieces range from goddess vessels, leaf bowls and bottles to imaginative coral sea forms.


Lori Dudley's love of nature and organic shape comes from growing up in the hills of Pennsylvania. This wooded area boasted a variety of leaves, seeds, pods, lichens and mosses. Lori enjoys studying every detail and translating their beauty into clay. Throwing clay on wheel is usually the basis of all Lori's forms. She first sat down at the wheel during the 70s in West Virginia, followed by a 20-year break. After getting married, Lori became a massage therapist and returned to the wheel more dexterious than before.

Lori Dudley designed children's clothing in the 80s and was an event coordinator and floral designer in the 90s. Clay then resurfaced as a creative medium for Lori to express her love of form. Throwing on the wheel is a very centering experience for Lori and is usually the base form on which she or Dan builds.

Dan and Lori  Dudley  972-446-7707 Info@dirtonyourskirt.com
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Edom Art Festival

Edom, TX 75754

Saturday, October 15

 10 am to 5 pm

Sunday, October 16

 10 am to 5 pm